About Us

Hi, my name is Lynda and as you might have guessed I started this website when I was pregnant.

Why a maternity wear web site?

When I first learnt that I was pregnant I was very excited, so many emotions go through you. You feel like you have a little secret and you are glowing – knowing that you have a little person growing inside you.

Then come along the stages. At first, I was very concerned about my trim size 12 body becoming big. I was worried about having to fit into those “ugly” maternity clothes.

Before I was big enough to wear maternity clothes I started trying some on because I was excited to think about showing off my gorgeous bump! They looked so big and daggy that I said to the shop assistants that I would NEVER be that big to fit into THOSE sort of clothes.

Then I discovered the fabulous department store in Melbourne called Daimaru. The people who worked there seemed to understand what new mums to be were going through. Unfortunately, that department store is no longer there for us! That’s how my business got started.

I spent a small fortune on around 10 pieces of clothing at Daimaru that took me from the office to after-hours functions and entertaining. They were such good quality that I decided to sell them because they were too special to give to charities.

My partner is a web designer and he suggested I start a website to sell these items. Everything sold within 3 days. I was gobsmacked! I thought WOW all these other women are in the same situation as I was! PreLoved Maternity Boutique evolved from there.

That was 21 years ago (2002).. can you believe it?

Maternity clothes now are so gorgeous and layers are an amazing plus in the maternity collections. I have sourced some wonderful “Australian”  designers who offer incredible maternity clothes.

Maternity clothing is still expensive but because the quality is so exceptional, I can onsell them to you at a fraction of their recommended retail price and they still look brand new, gently preloved.

Instead of maternity clothes looking frumpy and dated you can look sexy and gorgeous.

I speak from personal experience. All mothers out there, whether you are working or a stay at home mum can always look glamorous in the styles I have to offer you.

A New Online Shop

Time moves on and so has my boutique.

It started as an online store for Pre-Loved clothes, then I added a second store for Brand New clothes and now in 2016, I have combined the stores.

Today, MaternityBoutique.com.au is an online store for both new and pre-loved clothes.

We have maternity clothing for every budget.

We offer personal service, fabulous bargains, beautiful clothing and even free postage.

I truly wish to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one.

I’m here to help.  If you’re like me, you’ll have questions and thoughts.  Feel free to contact me and ask.

[sticky]Enjoy your shopping experience[/sticky]

How It All Started

On the 25th February 2002 our beautiful little baby son, Jaxon arrived!

jaxon-2006-largeThe two pictures on this page show how time flies with a young man growing up fast. The picture above was 2006 New Year’s Eve, and the picture on the right is his first day at kinder.

If you want to drop me a line to talk about your pregnancy, or the impending birth of your baby or getting to know your newborn please do not hesitate because I’ve been through it and might be able to offer some reassuring and friendly advice.

Finally, in case you were wondering how I maintain this web site? Although I take the photo’s and write the descriptions, my darling man does the rest. It’s a bonus having a geek in the house after all!

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

PS: Yes, I am interested in selling ‘your items’..  | Click here for more information

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For all the lovely letters and emails thanking us for everything. I’ve decided to have a “Testimonials” page. The rest is up to you.


I am not going to pretend the environment was in our minds when we created PreLoved Maternity in 2002 but it is heart-warming to know that we led the way with our online recycled clothing store.

We have always saved water, shredded and recycled paper for packing and now its great knowing our business is eco-friendly by selling recycled clothing.

Advice about prams. 

I know those Peg Perego prams and other popular branded prams are gorgeous but they are really only wonderful for the first “4 months” with your new baby.

Once your baby is bigger you will wish you’d gotten one of those fantastic light 3 wheeler strollers. An excellent one is Mother’s Choice. You can get a fur piece for it as well as a beautiful fur pouch that fits securely into the pram to keep it snugly.

My mother’s group consists of 10 women, 8 of which bought those big lovely prams but quickly swapped over to lightweight strollers or 3 wheelers. They all regret spending so much money on the cumbersome prams.

Think about it, you’re going to use the pram you buy for at least 3 years – consider that and also how comfortable it will be for you.

Sunscreen Tip

Another helpful tip to mums is to always remember to use sunscreen on your hands, especially if you are a walker and love being out and about with your little ones. Sun and age spots soon start to appear if you don’t protect your hands while pushing those prams. Your hands are the first part of your body to show your age and the damage is irreparable!

Anyway that’s my advice!
Have fun!