Buy & Sell Your PreLoved Clothes

Sell ‘Your’ Maternity Items

I offer to ‘buy’ or ‘sell on consignment’ your preloved maternity clothes on my web site.  My preference is to purchase the items outright. In order to determine a fair $ value (see below) for the items obviously I will need to see them. Please send to me clear photos and outline any damage or stains to the articles, which will make both our jobs much easier.

I can collect the items from you if it is not too far from me (Preston, Melbourne, Victoria) or you can post them to me (Australia Post Satchel). Postage costs will be your responsibility. I strongly suggest you send your parcel to me ‘Registered Post’ so that you can be assured I have received the items. If after receiving your items I find any of them unsuitable in any way, I will post them back to you.

I can either purchase the items from you at an agreed price or place them on consignment for you on my site and take 20% of the final value.

By consignment, you remain the owner of the items.  The items will stay on my site for an agreed time or until they sell.

Payment will be made to you (Bank Transfer or PayPal) if I purchase them from you outright. Payment for items sold on consignment will be made to you as and when items are sold on a monthly basis.

Send your pictures and descriptions to: [email protected]

Pricing – The Big Picture

Please understand that the price I will be offering for your items will be a wholesale price, not a retail price.

When pricing an item, it must cover the costs associated with reselling which include cataloging, adding the item to the cart plus webite costs.  Every item needs to washed and ironed, photographed, pictures edited and then added to the cart with a detailed description.. which all takes a considerable amount of time, which I enjoy but, for example to list around 15 items will take me 14 hours from start to finish. OH, not including the ironing & washing:)

No complaints from me, “recycling” your clothes is giving an Australian small business a chance.

I normally offer $12 – $15 for pants and $8 – $10 for tops on preloved items.  This of course depends on their quality which includes the amount of wear (ie number of pregnancies the item has been worn) and also the brand name.

I will not onsell Target, Big W, KMart or Best & Less brands as they are already so reasonably priced – quality and style are not always guaranteed with these brands but the items will serve their purpose if that’s the look you want!

Thanks for reading and I hope this information helps with your decision to sell your items to PreLoved Maternity Boutique and make some money with a small Australian business.

We appreciate you as a customer and seller.
Thanks so much,
Warm regards always,

Send your pictures and descriptions to: [email protected]