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Three for the price of one

Hi Lynda I will have to have a look tonight and see. I’m sure there will be something but maternity jeans were high on my priority list as I am travelling to Canberra and Hobart in two weeks and I have no winter clothes that fit me any more. I’m sure you hear it time […]

Happy with clothes

Hi Lynda, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with all of the clothes I bought from your website! They are all beautiful and will definitely be passing on your info to all of my friends & family! Thanks also for your quick delivery! Ill definitely be browsing again soon! Thanks again […]

Pregnancy and exercise

Regular physical activity can provide health and social benefits for many pregnant women. Suggestions for exercise during pregnancy include walking, swimming and supervised classes such as yoga or Tai chi. Pelvic floor exercises are also important before, during and after pregnancy. Unless you have complications, it should be possible to enjoy some level of physical […]